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Five old Notre Dame football photos on a Friday — but today is Monday

Knute Rockne is a superior bed coach

Knute Rockne Sitting in a Wheel Chair
Knute Rockne did it better than Hugh Freeze

Happy Monday everyone! Last week I started kicking around a few different ideas for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish offseason. Some things were complicated, some were terrible, some were interesting, and one was ridiculously simple.

I have access to thousands and thousands of photos, and will never use a small fraction of those on this site — but I want to, and I’m going to give it a solid shot as a way to bless the beginning of the weekend throughout the offseason.

So even though it’s a Monday... let’s get started.

The Babe

This photo was simply labeled, “Babe Ruth and other sports notables.” Knute Rockne, Babe Ruth, Notre Dame, and the New York Yankees... welcome to America friends.

Babe Ruth with Other Sports Notables


There’s no date given for this photo, but I’m going to guess that it wasn’t in October of 1929. Just a guess.

Notre Dame Football Coach Knute Rockne


So pants people... how do you feel about the uniform that Emil Sitko is rocking here? Do the pants match the helmet? Why is the 1946 Notre Dame team crapping on Lou Holtz’s tradition of gold hooker pants? (Also... shout out to Sitko, a native son of Fort Wayne).

Emit Sitko with Football in Defensive Position

Have a seat lad

This is just a wholesome image of Johnny Lujack spittin’ bars with broadcaster William Stern after a game in 1946.

William Stern Photo by Mark Kauffman/The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images

Like a Rock

Liberty head coach and massage parlor defender Hugh Freeze was all over the place because he coached a game in a hospital bed up in the press box. Clearly he wasn’t as tough as Rockne who had his hospital bed on the sideline.

Knute Rockne Sitting in a Wheel Chair

We’ll be back again on Friday.