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Notre Dame Fencing wins its 11th National Championship

Yes — this is a sword school

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are your 2021 NCAA Fencing National Champions after four glorious days in State College, Pennsylvania. Of the six possible individual championships, Notre Dame claimed 4, along with 2 national runners up.

The Irish led by 9 points after the first two days of the men’s matches, and brought it all home after the women went through for a 19 point win over the Penn State Nittany Lions.

Junior Kara Linder won the individual national championship in the sabre — the first one in the women’r sabre for Notre Dame since 2017.

Senior Stefani Deschner won an individual national championship in the foil — which is also the first one for the Irish since 2017.

Kaylin Hsieh greatly added to the overall team effort with her national runner up finish in the epee.

Notre Dame fencing is an ELITE program and has been for quite some time. Obviously the football team’s titles are a massive source of pride for Notre Dame, but now the Fencing program has now tied them with 11.

Since 1990, the NCAA Fencing Championship has been a coed event. Notre Dame has now won 7 national championships since then, which is second only to Penn State with an incredible 13. Before the men and women merged, Notre Dame’s men’s team won three team titles, while the women’s team won a single championship in 1987.