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Notre Dame Blog Adopts a Team: Holy Cross Vs. Lehigh Preview....AGAIN!

LET’S RUN IT BACK-HC/Lehigh Going Back To Back Because of Covid


As you know....This is what I want on my tombstone when I am put 6 ft under. I was devastated earlier this week by 2 reports....

I was crushed, but just thought of it as a bye week. Such is life and this was due to Fordham, not Holy Cross. I’ll take a week off and then I’ll be ok. Bummed, but not devastated.


2 WEEKS OF NO FOOTBALL IN A 4 WEEK SEASON?!?! At this point, I was honestly very sad and feeling pretty hopeless and my heart broke for these kids. They waited over 450 days to play a game......finally got the shot and won, only for the next 2 weeks to be canceled. Needless so say I was not feeling to hot......


They suck us RIGHT BACK IN BABY. This is an awesome move by the coaching staffs and the Patriot League. You have 2 teams who have been following protocols and just want to play football. Coach Bob Chesney of Holy Cross and Coach Tom Gilmore at Lehigh are meat-heads who love the game and want to do right by their kids. It would have been easy for them to scoff at it because of perceived “upside”. Does Holy Cross want to give Lehigh a chance for Revenge? Does Lehigh want to go against a team who handily beat them just a week ago? Doesn’t matter to these coaches, they just wanted to give their players another game. Kudos to both sides!

Prediction Time

Holy Cross will come out a LOT cleaner on the offensive side of the ball. They were without their OC last week due to covid, which definitely impacted the flow of the game. I think Lehigh will also be stronger on defense, but do not see them making any huges strides on the offensive side of the ball. Holy Cross will limit their own turnovers and win this one handily, while finally hitting on some explosive plays on offense. Holy Cross 31 Lehigh 10.