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Notre Dame Basketball: Nikola Djogo puts his name in the Transfer Portal

The 5th year senior is looking at a 6th year

ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament - First Round Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

On Monday,Notre Dame Fighting Irish forward Nikola Djogo announced that he will enter the NCAA Transfer Portal and will jeep all options on the table.

Normally a transfer portal entry means the player is heading elsewhere, but something about the wording of his statement leads me to think that there is a bigger road back to Notre Dame than the normal situation. To be honest, I never really thought Djogo would be back in South Bend next year — even with the extra year of eligibility. Of course... I was somewhat surprised he returned for this season.

Djogo — a Toronto, Ontario, native — was part of the 2016 recruiting class for the Irish alongside John Mooney (long live John Mutton) and T.J. Gibbs. Nikola played a significant amount of time this year with almost 20 minutes on average each game. He averaged 5 points and 3 rebounds a game.