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Brandon Hoyte Needs Your Help

We’re raising money to assist the former ND captain in a precarious time.

Notre Dame v Washington

Brandon Hoyte, a 2006 graduate of Notre Dame and a former Irish football captain, needs your help.

Hoyte, now 37, suffers from a neurological condition caused by playing football and was arrested Feb. 13 in San Diego. He faces three felonies and one misdemeanor, alleging assault against a police officer (without a weapon), vandalism and resisting arrest.

John Kouris, a 1996 alumnus who befriended Hoyte in recent years, has established a GoFundMe for a dual purpose: to pay a bail bondsman to secure Hoyte’s release and to get him situated in a treatment facility where the former linebacker can be assessed and properly treated.

Kouris is hoping to raise $7,500 as soon as possible. He has talked to Hoyte and, without divulging too much, he is not in a safe place. Those who have recently interacted with Hoyte agree — it’s not jail that he needs, but treatment.

I’ve written about my admiration of Hoyte previously for this site. If you cannot support the financial endeavor at this time, please consider writing Hoyte an email. (Charlie Weis is in.)

To do so, visit the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department website here.

  1. Enter your email and click “VALIDATE.”

2. After entering your email and hitting “VALIDATE,” you should see this screen:

And your email should contain this:

3. Click on the link in your email and you should see a page like this:

4. Compose your email, making sure to stay under 2,000 characters and 20 lines. When you’re done, hit send.

5. You’ll receive a confirmation email from the Sheriff’s Office saying they’ve received it with a copy of what you wrote.

If you’ve got questions, hit me on Twitter at @ndjrs or in the comments section below. And, as always, thank you for your support — in whichever way you decide to give it.