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Notre Dame Gets Run Out of Greensboro by UNC in the ACC Tourney, 101-59

Yeah, you read that right. That was uhhh, a game that happened

NCAA Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament-Notre Dame North Carolina Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports

The Season Is Over

Yikes. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish just got absolutely demolished in the second round of the ACC Tournament. The UNC Tar Heels beat the Irish 101-59 in an absolute clinic. This one was not really close ever since the opening minutes, and the Irish truly got embarrassed once we got to the second half.

In the first half, the Irish kept within striking distance, as UNC kept missing shots. However, UNC kept getting shots because they were getting offensive rebound after offensive rebound. Halfway through the first half, the Tar Heels were averaging more than 1 offensive rebound per minute played in the game. It just would not stop. The Irish tried to get 3 pointers that wouldn’t fall. UNC got a better hold of their shooting percentage, finishing the half with 48% shooting from the field. They went on an absolute tear at the end of the half. The score at halftime was 50-36, Heels.

They never looked back. Offensive rebounds and made shots for the Heels, quite the opposite for the Irish. In fact, the Heels went on a 37-2 run. That actually occurred. This just was never actually close.

The magic from the buzzer beater last night against Wake Forest ran out very quickly. The main story besides the Irish getting out-sized and outplayed was the lopsided rebound numbers. The Tar Heels had 54 rebounds while the Irish got 31. UNC had 25 offensive rebounds, 2 shy of the ACC Tournament record of 27 set by UVA in 1992.

Now, the Irish season is officially over. The team ends the Covid season with a record of 11-15. Question marks galore here for the program. In a frustrating season, it is now time to put it to bed.