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Former Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football Player Giving Back: Josh Adams

Docter Adams Community Park

NFL: New York Jets at Seattle Seahawks
Dec 13, 2020; Seattle, Washington, USA; New York Jets running back Josh Adams (36) rushes against the Seattle Seahawks during the second quarter at Lumen Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Inspiring Kids to Go Out and Play

Former Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football player and NFL Running Back Josh Adams wants to make a difference in the community where he grew up. Playing outside at the park has played a major role in not only keeping Josh healthy, but also allowing him to sharpen his football skills. He wants to inspire kids to exercise, train and play at the park - and he wants them to feel good doing it! You can help Josh inspire kids by getting involved in this park re-development project.


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My Mission

“My goal is to give back to my neighborhood, and I think that re-development of the park would not only be beneficial for the neighborhood but for the entire community.”

“Growing up, it was previously called “The Muse” which denotes a source of inspiration however, “The Muse” in my neighborhood (primarily low and moderate income and African American) has very negative perceptions. I have spent days and nights playing at that park, and it has generally always been in lackluster condition. It is my desire to inspire the kids and I don’t think it’s fair for the kids to carry that weight of not feeling proud of their neighborhood.”

I want to inspire kids to go out and play, train and exercise and feel good about their surroundings. It is important for their mental and physical health to get exercise in a safe and pleasant environment. The re-development can help cultivate their future in a positive way.” - Josh Adams

If you’d like to help Josh out with his park re-development project, please visit

Cheers & GO IRISH!