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Notre Dame Football Recruiting: WATCH Irish staff National Signing Day press conference

Coaches talking CROOTIN

irish guard notre dame football Mike Miller/One Foot Down

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are wrapping up things with its 2021 football recruiting class today, and one of those things was an extensive press conference. Head Coach Brian Kelly, Recruiting Coordinator Brian Polian, Assistant Head Coach Mike Elston, Offensive Coordinator Tommy Rees, and Defensive Coordinator Marcus Freeman were all able to give some opening statements and then answer questions from the Notre Dame beat.

You can watch the entire press conference in the video player below. Back in December, only Kelly and Polian gave statements and took questions. Today’s event — while certainly much more abbreviated than the signing day extravaganzas of the past — felt like a good general overview and response from the Irish on this massive class.

One of the fun parts was hearing Brian Polian list off a bunch of recruiting rankings like he was a blogger on a binge, and then he and Mike Elston provided some much needed perspective on the difference between their own internal rankings versus the recruiting services’ numbers.