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Notre Dame Football: Former Irish player Louis Nix, dead at 29 years old

A tragedy

Oklahoma v Notre Dame Photo by Jackson Laizure/Getty Images

There is terrible news out of Jacksonville tonight. Former Notre Dame Fighting Irish player, Louis Nix III is dead. Nix’s mother confirmed the tragedy with a Jacksonville reporter.

On Friday, a report came out that stated Nix had been missing since Tuesday — which was the last day his mother spoke to him. On Saturday, police arrived at at pond nearby Nix’s apartment and sent divers into the water. Shortly after, they pulled Nix’s car from the pond and confirmed they found Nix — but released nothing about the condition of Louis.

The confirmation from Nix’s mother realized our worst fears for his life — but no other information about the incident is available at this time.

In December, Nix was shot in some type of busted up robbery attempt. Nix was putting air in his tires when the incident happened, and he posted a live stream on Instagram of paramedics taking him away in an ambulance. Nix was able to recover, but obviously the trauma of the situation stuck with him and he was never quite right.

Nix was a part of Brian Kelly’s first recruiting class at Notre Dame, and in fact, committed to Notre Dame after Charlie Weis was fired and before Kelly was actually hired. His big personality and very good play on the field won the hearts of Notre Dame fans everywhere, and his key role along the defensive line for the 2012 season helped cement a lasting legacy.

The death of Nix adds to a growing list of tragedies for recent former Notre Dame players. Guys like Greg Bryant, Kona Schwenke, George Atkinson, and Josh Atkinson all meant tragic fates all too early as well, and I am sorry to have to report this to you.

Louis Nix is dead at 29.