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Former Notre Dame Football player Louis Nix has gone missing

Breaking news out of Florida

Wake Forest v Notre Dame

According to his mother, Louis Nix III has been missing since Tuesday. The former Notre Dame Fighting Irish star may be in grave danger.

As we know, Nix was recently shot in some type of busted up robbery attempt. Nix was putting air in his tires when the incident happened, and he posted a live stream on Instagram of paramedics taking him away in an ambulance. Nix was able to recover, but obviously the trauma of the situation stuck with him.

If you have any news or have any leads about the possible whereabouts of Nix, please contact the local authorities in Jacksonville, Florida.

This is an extremely scary situation, and I encourage all of you to send a prayer up for the safe return of Nix — who is undoubtedly one of the all-time fan favorites for his play — but also for his incredible personality off the field.