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EA Sports is bringing back college football to our video game consoles


College Football fans have not had a video game of their own since the 2014 season — which was the last year EA Sports produced a game. That streak is going to change in the near future. On Tuesday, EA announced they are bringing back NCAA Football — but will call it “College Football” moving forward.

Obviously, fans should not expect a game this season but theoretically EA could have a game developed by next summer for a “College Sports 2022.” In about 2-3 years *sigh*.

One of the major hurdles, and why the game was shelved after 2014, was the whole business of name and image likeness. There is still no new legislation from the NCAA in this regard, so I would tamper expectations a little bit before we learn more — but this is still a great day.

One other note is this... the Notre Dame Fighting Irish may not be included. Nothing suggests one way or another, but this ESPN story says 100 teams. While I fully expect one of them to be Notre Dame, I won’t rule out possibly being disappointed. Just saying.

Today, however, is a day to celebrate. It’s back — IT IS COMING BACK!