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Notre Dame Hockey: Irish Fans Seeing Double After Another 3-0 Loss to Minnesota

The Irish power-play is doing some major yo-yoing.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish returned to Compton Family Ice Arena Saturday to avenge Friday’s 3-0 loss to the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers, only to finish the night with the same outcome. While a three-game winning streak seemed to be shifting the Irish flow in a new direction prior to the series, fans started to see the Irish go back to old ways Saturday, particularly on the power-play.

First Period

By the end of the first period, the Irish outshot the Gophers 15-7. While the Irish set the tone, the period ended with a 0-0 tie.

Second Period

The Gophers went after it on offense as the game headed into the second, and eventually more than doubled Notre Dame’s 6 shots in the period with 14. Minnesota’s Brannon McManus gave the visitors a 1-0 lead about four minutes into the second period. Nathan Burke doubled the Gophers’ lead barely even two minutes later. The penalties then started to pile on, but neither team managed to capitalize on the power-play, and the two squads headed into the third period of play with the game standing at 2-0 Minnesota.

Third Period

While a penalty on Notre Dame’s Charlie Raith wasn’t enough to boost the visitors’ lead about halfway through the third, Minnesota’s Sampo Ranta found the back of the net with less than five minutes to go in the third to lock it in for the Gophers with a 3-0 result.

Game Summary


Minnesota: Brannon McManus at 04:09 in the 2nd with assists from Sampo Ranta and Scott Reedy

Minnesota: Nathan Burke at 06:16 in the 2nd, unassisted

Minnesota: Sampo Ranta at 15:11 in the 3rd with assists from Scott Reedy and Brannon McManus


Minnesota: Blake McLaughlin for interference at 07:12 in the 2nd

Notre Dame: Graham Slaggert for hooking at 11:52 in the 2nd

Minnesota: Sammy Walker for boarding at 14:17 in the 2nd

Notre Dame: Jake Boltmann for slashing at 17:31 in the 2nd

Notre Dame: Charlie Raith for tripping at 07:16 in the 3rd

Notre Dame: Ryder Rolston for roughing at 19:24 in the 3rd, game misconduct

Minnesota: Sammy Walker for roughing at 19:24 in the 3rd


Notre Dame: Ryan Bischel, 25 saves

Minnesota: Jack LaFontaine, 28 saves

Moving Forward

The Irish will hit the road to take on the University of Wisconsin Badgers in Madison on Friday, February 19 at 8 p.m. Catch the game on TV with Fox Sports Wisconsin or stream with Big Ten Network+.

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