New Check List Items


Good work last week. You really handled that well.

Now, I have a few suggestions for the coming few weeks of the year.

1) I presume you have a candidate for the ND men's basketball team in mind. As much as we all love Mike Brey (and his teams have been wonderful through the years, until lately), your decision to give him another year is not working out. The recruits coming in are good, but we need new leadership. Solomon is not the guy.

2) Link Jarrett was a home run hire for the baseball team. He's the best coach since Paul Mainieri, who then went to LSU, if I may add a bit of irony to the mix. Please, please come up with the dollars to keep him here! That playoff run was so exciting! Don't lose this gem.

3) Jeff Jackson, men's hockey coach, is also a treasure. Let's hope he can finally get a national championship for ND. I presume you have a replacement lined up. I also presume you have a statue in the works.

4) Speaking of statues, I hope Muffet McGraw's in now being finalized. What a wonderful coach she was. Most successful in any sport in the past 10 years.

5) What's up with the women's soccer team? It used to be top 2. I know women's soccer has grown in popularity, so it is harder to recruit. having said that, we need to step it up to get back to where ND was in terms of dominance.

6) Good work on the fencing team. Kind of like the ND answer to Stanford's water polo team. Excellence in a small arena.

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