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Brendan is undefeated on Notre Dame Twitter

It’s true (insert deep fake of Joshua as Dwight gif)

It was a wild week for fans of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team. Brian Kelly bolting for the LSU Tigers and the elevation of Marcus Freeman as the new head coach of the Notre Dame football team, really set the Twittersphere (and all the internet) on fire.

Insert our boy Brendan.

Brendan McAlinden, one of the co-hosts of the wildly popular OFD Podcast (yes I’m cackling wildly as I type that) is a master meme artist, photoshop guru, and deep fake master. I’m not sure if he added to the flames or helped put them out... but it doesn’t matter. Burned or not, it was pure fun.

So... because I’m never sure how many of you regulars here (and random onlookers) are on Twitter, I thought I would bring Brendan’s genius to you on the site — because I didn’t want to kill the FanShots.

In the words of Irish Illustrated’s Tim O’Malley:

“I mean…verypiratey remains undefeated.”