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REPORT: Brian Kelly is expected to leave Notre Dame for LSU

On second thought...

Georgia Tech v Notre Dame Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Just about a minute after posting my opinion that Brian Kelly won’t be leaving the Notre Dame Fighting Irish for the LSU Tigers, Yahoo’s Pete Thamel drops a bombshell:

I can honestly say that I never thought this was going to happen. My apologies for misleading everyone just a few moments ago... BUT ARE WE EVEN SERIOUS RIGHT NOW?

Brian Kelly has proved me wrong many times over the last 12 years, so this last one as the Irish head coach shouldn’t surprise me — but it does.

I haven’t even really begun to think about the future without Kelly, but it looks like we all have our new homework assignment. Lincoln Riley’s departure for USC pissed off Oklahoma students enough to drape “traitor” banners all over campus — and this is even more treacherous than all of that. It also caused a massive exodus of recruits and current players.

So... all hail new head coach Luke Fickell? Right? That’s got to be the first phone call Jack Swarbrick makes, right?

Oh man... this is going to get weird and strange and college football has never been weirder or stranger.

What do y’all think?