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CYBER MONDAY Notre Dame Gift Giving! 20% OFF everything at Homefield

Time for you to spread the Christmas cheer

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Welcome to Black Friday! Friends, right now over at Homefield Apparel you can save 20% off of EVERYTHING they have with no coupon code needed. This means you can get so much more of the Notre Dame collection for less — and ALL of the other school collections as well.

Example of some of the Notre Dame products at Homefield

Homefield offers unique and vintage designs for each school on their roster. It’s not just the look itself that makes Homefield standout as the best college apparel company — it’s the fact that the comfort level of the shirts, crewnecks, and hoodies are second to none. Once you get one (or many more) you’ll be looking for reasons to get many more in the future.

These products are the perfect gift for the college sports fan in your life. Peruse their ever expanding catalog of schools and check out the designs for yourself.

One other exciting thing that Homefield is doing right now from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, is a contest very similar to the Big New Saturday rankings. Basically... if they sell more Notre Dame gear than any other school (within the rules) they’ll produce some limited edition joggers for the Irish. Perhaps that means a Clashmore Mike design, or an old school leprechaun, or whatever... you’re going to want this because the joggers are heaven on your legs.

So head on over and max out those credit cards. It’s worth it, because YOU’RE worth it.