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GAME THREAD: #13 Notre Dame Fighting Irish VS Virginia Tech Hokies

Just go get a win smothered in gravy

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Brendan McAlinden

Well... it’s time to move on. If you had a hard time this week concentrating on what’s next for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish (the Virginia Tech Hokies BTW) rather than what happened last week — you’re not alone. The game week after a loss is always extra spicy, and the rabbit holes numerous.

BUT... there is, in fact, a game to play.

The Irish are back in Blacksburg, and all of us are waiting to drop our hottest quarterback takes two plays into the game. It’s going to be amazing.

At 4-1 and no ranked teams left on the schedule, the Irish still have a great chance to finish 11-1 — and a better chance to end up in a New Year’s Six bowl game. That all begins tonight, so LFG!


When: 7:30 PM EST
Where: Lane Stadium, Blacksburg, Virginia
How to Watch: ACC Network (if your provider doesn’t have the ACC Network, an ESPN+ subscription should work — or give FUBO a try).


Just in case you missed some of the coverage this week, let me remind you that everything you need to know is in the GAME WEEK STREAM.


The game thread is open below. I know many of us are on Twitter for most of the game, but I encourage you to vent and do other things that require more than 280 characters here.