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Notre Dame Football: Brian Kelly gives updates about the Irish and the QB situation

Read between the lines

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On Thursday, Notre Dame Fighting Irish head coach Brian Kelly sat down for a Zoom session to provides updates about the team as they prepare for the Virginia Tech Hokies on Saturday.

The elephant in the room

Brian Kelly did not name a starter at quarterback in the beginning of the week, and still did not publicly name a starter on Thursday. Kelly was asked if experience or mobility was more important in determining the starter.

“Those were part of the factors. I think going on the road in the environment that we’re in was a factor. Mobility is a bit of a factor. It needed to be evaluated. Then certainly grading out. I think from our overall perspective, the guys who gives us the best chance to win. This is still about winning football games. So, when we added all those things up, that’s how we came up with the decision. But all those are accurate, that they needed to be considered.”

BK talked about “one quarterback moving forward” earlier in the week, but just a few days later, that definitive statement was altered slightly — perhaps just to clear it up.

“I think what I was saying more than anything else was that it’s important to really rally behind one quarterback, but it doesn’t take the opportunity for us to be multiple if we feel like Tyler Buchner can add to what we’re doing as a part of our offense. I don’t want to call him a Wildcat, because he’s not. He can do much more. But offenses use that as part of their established offensive structure. We needed an established singular offensive structure, but if we feel like we need to add to it to be better at moving the football, I wouldn’t say Tyler Buchner is out of the options of playing in any game this year.”

I was pretty sure at first that all of this directly leads to it being Jack Coan as the starter, but with little effort at all, I can also twist it to put up Drew Pyne as the starter.

Here comes Saturday.

Injury report

Kelly was able to clarify on several players and their injury status.

  • WR Joe Wilkins is out for the year with a torn MCL.
  • TE Michael Mayer was visibly hurt against Cincinnati and has been playing through an injury all season. Kelly is optimistic that Mayer will help them on Saturday.
  • TE Kevin Bauman is progressing from his injury, but no timeline was given.
  • NT Kurt Hinish is back this week.
  • OT Tosh Baker was cleared to play.
  • OT Michael Carmody has been practicing.

Full presser

Brian Kelly also talked about Cam Hart, Marcus Freeman, the Harry Hiestand situation, and more. You can watch the full presser below.