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Notre Dame Men’s Basketball: Reminiscing on the Good Old Days

I really, really miss some of this basketball right now

Wichita State v Notre Dame Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

A Little Throwback for you on this Thursday.

Not to steal Lisa Kelly’s thunder, but I wanted to take a different approach today. Last night, I was watching the Notre Dame Fighting Irish men’s basketball team struggle against Virginia Tech. It’s not that the Hokies were ranked or even playing all that well, the Irish could get just about nothing going offensively. Their unfortunately lackluster play in the game and in the past few seasons was causing me to yearn for past days of the NDMBB that actually weren’t that long ago.

As I put this out into the Twittersphere, Pat Rick responded with this gem. And, he was right. I watched the highlights of the 2017 ACC quarterfinal game against UVA - the only time that the Irish have beaten UVA since joining the ACC in 2013. That was such a fun and HYPE game.

But, today is the 6-year anniversary of the famous night in Purcell Pavilion when the Irish took down Duke with both teams ranked in the Top 8 in the nation. It was an insanely electrifying game and win. It was probably one of my favorite Notre Dame sporting events ever. There was some classic play from Pat Connaughton, the emergence of BONZIE, and the voodoo of Jerian Grant.

The atmosphere was so awesome, and the game was incredible. Being a student during that ACC Championship run was a surreal and memorable experience in my life. I will never forget when Baby Steve hit the final 3 of the game, I grabbed another person’s coat and threw it into the air (I did not know the dude, either LOL). He looked at me with the most puzzled look and I did not even care one bit.

So, on this day, let us think about fun games and teams of the not so distant past. Enjoy the game highlights from that Duke game which happened 6 years ago...

...and the 2017 ACC Tourney game against UVA.