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Submit your Notre Dame football questions (or whatever) for the OFD Podcast right here

There are things that you might need to know

notre dame cheerleader megaphone
This COULD be a trophy if we try hard enough
Mike Miller/One Foot Down

I shot down a themed podcast episode that Brendan suggested with the reasoning that it was “too soon” in the offseason. After kicking around a few ideas that got absolutely zero responses from Bo Bowower, I finally decided to have another Q&A episode about the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football program — and whatever else you can think of as a submission.

Maybe you want to know about...

  • Marcus Freeman and how awesome his Ohioness is.
  • Notre Dame’s recruiting philosophy.
  • Our best last minute meal for ourselves — and our kids.
  • An update on the Brian Kelly Memorial.
  • Uniform stuff.
  • The schedule — like do you have any idea on how to make it better?
  • Which fair food we miss the most.
  • Gas station weddings.
  • 2021 depth charts.
  • Spring football madness.
  • Will the 2021 season be normal?

And really... whatever you want. You need to ask for it though.

Just dip down into the comment section and let it rip. We’re recording the show on Wednesday night, so you have a hot minute to make these good.