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Notre Dame Hockey: Irish Take Down #1 Minnesota AGAIN in Minneapolis

Don’t make a Caddyshack joke. Don’t make a Caddyshack joke...

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The Fighting Irish took to the Minneapolis ice to keep a good thing going Saturday following Friday’s 3-2 victory against the Minnesota Golden Gophers. By the end of the night, the Irish locked in a 2-1 win to claim the series.

First Period

Notre Dame’s Solag Bakich wasted no time setting the tone Saturday and scored the first Irish goal less than two minutes into the first period of play. By the end of the period, the Irish had doubled the Gophers’ 9 shots with 18 of their own.

Second Period

Several penalties in the second period changed the pace, but Notre Dame’s Max Ellis snagged a second goal for the Irish about halfway through. This time, it was the Golden Gophers who outshot the Irish 22-16.

Third Period

Just as the third period of play neared its end, Minnesota’s Jaxon Nelson put his team on the board, but it was not enough to change the direction of the game. At the end of the night, the Irish claimed a 2-1 victory.

Game Summary


Notre Dame: Solag Bakich at 01:54 in the 1st with an assist from Michael Graham

Notre Dame: Max Ellis at 10:37 in the 2nd with assists from Spencer Stastney and Trevor Janicke

Minnesota: Jaxon Nelson at 17:36 in the 3rd with assists from Ryan Johnson and Sammy Walker


Notre Dame: Jake Boltmann for slashing at 06:56 in the 1st

Minnesota: Ben Meyers for slashing at 07:15 in the 1st

Minnesota: Jackson Lacombe for elbowing at 10:43 in the 1st

Notre Dame: Max Ellis for roughing 16:56 in the 1st

Notre Dame: Solag Bakich for roughing at 04:31 in the 2nd

Minnesota: Ben Brinkman for roughing at 04:31 in the 2nd

Minnesota: Blake McLaughlin for hooking at 9:20 in the 2nd

Notre Dame: Landon Slaggert for interference at 11:47 in the 2nd

Notre Dame: Landon Slaggert for delaying the game at 13:51 in the 2nd

Notre Dame: Graham Slaggert for hooking at 18:45 in the 2nd

Minnesota: Ben Meyers for boarding at 19:59 in the 3rd


Notre Dame: Dylan St. Cyr, 25 saves

Minnesota: Jack LaFontaine, 22 saves

Moving Forward

The Fighting Irish will take on the Michigan Wolverines in South Bend on Thursday, January 21 at 6:30 p.m. To catch the game, tune in and watch SNY, NBC Sports Boston, NBC Sports Chicago or NBC Sports Philadelphia+ or stream online with NBC Sports.

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