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Do you have a Notre Dame football bucket list?

What are your favorite things to do while visiting Notre Dame?

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NCAA Football: Southern California at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

As you may have guessed, my Notre Dame book collection is quite extensive (maybe borderline obsessive?); but I really do enjoy reading about Notre Dame (football primarily) history. One of the books that I’ve recently dusted off my shelf is an oldie but goodie, “100 Things Notre Dame Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die,” by John Heisler.

I love Notre Dame Fighting Irish football weekends. I love the tradition, the pageantry, the buzz you feel while walking on campus, the anticipation leading up to kickoff. I love it all. I also love books like this because, while I know a lot about Notre Dame, and I’ve experienced a lot of the Notre Dame traditions, I’m always trying learn more, and to find new Notre Dame experiences. In this book, John spends a good portion of the book on the “what you should know” about Notre Dame football, and it is very detailed and informative. If you have a friend who is a new Notre Dame football fan, or a child you’re trying to brainwash (did I say that out loud?) ... this is most certainly the book for you.

As far as new experiences, I didn’t really find any new ones in this book, but of the ones he describes, these would definitely be in my Top 10 Notre Dame football weekend experiences (in no particular order):

  1. Watch the team walk to the stadium
  2. Take a tour of Notre Dame stadium
  3. Take in a Notre Dame-USC game (It’s an unparalleled rivalry.)
  4. Visit the campus landmarks (Fair-Catch Corby, the Golden Dome, Touchdown Jesus, We’re No. 1 Moses)
  5. Slap the “Play Like a Champion Today” sign
  6. Visit the sculptures (Leahy, Parseghian, Devine, Holtz, Moose, and Rockne)
  7. Attend a Friday night pep rally
  8. Tour the Gug
  9. Stroll through Heritage Hall
  10. Sing the Alma Mater at the end of the game

Some of my other favorite Notre Dame football weekend experiences would include (again in no particular order):

  1. Trumpets Under the Dome
  2. Midnight Drummers Circle
  3. Grab a burger at CJs
  4. Have a beverage at The Linebacker Lounge (I know ... it’s not for everyone), or Corby’s
  5. Sunday Brunch at Tippecanoe Place
  6. Light a candle at the Grotto
  7. Sunday Mass at the Basilica
  8. Walk around the lakes
  9. Experience ESPN College Game Day
  10. Tailgate on game day and visit with friends and family
  11. And ... people watching (You just never know who you might see wandering around campus!)

What are your favorite things to do while visiting Notre Dame? What am I missing? What do I need to add to my Notre Dame bucket list?

How many days are there until football is back?

Cheers & GO IRISH!