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Notre Dame Football: Goodbye sweet mustachioed Ian Book — Prince of the Gridiron

Will we ever know your secrets?

Ian Book notre dame
Ian Book
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On Tuesday, the media was granted access to Notre Dame Fighting Irish football players for the first time since the Camping World Bowl. As exciting as that prospect seems, it all pales in comparison to the presence of Ian Book and his marvelous mustache.

Book — like many players — grows a mustache in fall camp, and it’s nothing short of spectacular.

A mustache is the ultimate symbol of power and sophistication. The world’s finest men are generally mustachioed mavericks. Men like Burt Reynolds, Sam Elliott, Tom Selleck, and others have used their powers of thick upper lip hair to aid them in their takeover of the world.

Unfortunately for us, Ian Book will lose some of his power this week.

Like Samson cutting his hair for his wife Delilah, Ian will shave his stache for his momma.

How will we be able to tell the difference between Ian and a young Lee Corso without the stache?

Or even a young Joe Namath?

So, by Thursday, Ian Book’s mustache will be gone — as will any special powers from the ancient mystery schools that the mustache provides. Hopefully the dream of a Heisman and a national championship don’t go down the same drain as the Barbasol.

Goodbye sweet prince of fall camp, and good luck.