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Notre Dame Football: Irish get the green light to start to practice again

After a new round of tests, the Irish can begin to prep for Florida State

Mike Miller/One Foot Down

After a sharp increase in positive COVID-19 cases for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish after the win over USF, the program was temporarily shutdown and the following weekend’s game against the Wake Forest Demon Deacons was postponed until December 12.

On Monday, Notre Dame released the latest set of test results — and they aren’t much better. In fact, Notre Dame now has 18 positive cases that have forced 25 players into isolation with 14 of them in quarantine.

Despite these numbers, Notre Dame is allowed to resume conditioning activities that will eventually lead into practice time for a game against the Florida State Seminoles on October 10.


Before I wrap this update up, I do want to take a moment to join the many voices that are thrashing Notre Dame President, father Jenkins for his actions this weekend in showing up to an event in Washington D.C. with no mask and almost no social distancing.

This dude can’t be serious — he just can’t be. There’s no way this just slipped his mind or thought, “this isn’t a big deal.” And if he did think those things... he needs to be shown the retirement gift catalog.

How TF does this happen? Notre Dame is supposed to be leading the charge in the fight against the coronavirus and has set up strict guidelines for the entire campus to adhere to in an effort to win that fight. And then there’s Father Jenkins who continually screws up and tries to make it all better with a “I’m so sorry” letters.

For any and all of you that are blaming players, and students for missing out on some football — please point your anger and head shaking towards the actual leader of the campus.

Just think about this... if Jenkins has so blatantly disregarded health protocols with the national media in attendance, what’s he doing on a daily basis? Is Jenkins the walking “off-campus party” but in charge? It’s these kind of actions that LEAD people into making bad choices — because “why the fuck not?”.