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Put away your Notre Dame cheeseburgers and pick an apple (and some college football to watch)

We’re here all day — whenever you’re done picking apples

Just Pete and Matt and their apple picking athleticism
Brendan McAlinden

Well... here we are. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are, of course, not playing the Wake Forest Demon Deacons. It was a strange week with a strange outcome, but oddly it never came as a huge surprise. It was disappointing, but definitely not shocking — this is 2020 that we’re talking about.

Despite there not being any Irish football on the field this Saturday, there is still plenty of good college football to watch. The SEC finally kicks off their season, and the ranked Cincinnati Bearcats play the ranked Army Black Knights.

Of course... you have a certain freedom on these type of days as well. For a lot of us that cover the Irish, this is more like a free day. Maybe we want to go apple-picking, or canoeing, or stud up our basement, or clean out our barn — or just sit down and watch college football all damn day with ease.

We’re here for whatever. The game thread is open all day long, so feel free to enjoy however you like.

I already went apple picking earlier this week, so....