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Notre Dame Football: Irish will not practice Tuesday — so what does that mean?

Mostly... we aren’t entirely sure

Mike Miller/One Foot Down

Pete Thamel with Yahoo Sports broke the news that the Notre Dame Fighting Irish will not practice on Tuesday due to new positive tests for the coronavirus.

As of publishing, this has still not been verified by the University.

I have a source that has a higher number of positive tests, but very little details to explain any further. Most of the Notre Dame football beat has reported similar things — so what now?

Tuesday is a critical practice day for a Saturday football game as it’s a day for the major installs of the the game plan, as well as being one of the more physical days on the field. Can the Irish still play a game without a Tuesday practice? I suppose there is a way, but it would still be a major issue moving forward.

If Tuesday is cancelled — what about Wednesday? How many players are out due to contact tracing? How many players from a particular position group are out? All of these questions are vital to what happens next.

There is an OPEN date on October 3 for both Notre Dame and the Wake Forest Demon Deacons (this week’s opponent). So, theoretically, the teams can postpone the game just one week.

There are still plenty of questions that still need answered along with some type of statement from Notre Dame. A depth chart was supposed to be released on Monday, but a statement from ND said that would come on Tuesday — and that has still not happened.

This is where we are right now.