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Notre Dame Football: Irish stay at #7 in both the Coaches Poll and AP Top 25

Let’s see how this goes next week.

Notre Dame vs South Florida Jack Kiser
Jack Kiser
ACC Media

For the second straight week, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are ranked #7 in both the Coaches Poll and the AP Top 25.

The AP voters were told to wait one more week before they start including Big 10 teams, but the Coaches Poll did not have such a request. In the preseason Coaches Poll, both the Ohio State Buckeyes and Penn State Nittany Lions were ranked ahead of the Irish.

I suppose in a week or two — even if the Irish are undefeated — they may drop a spot or at the very least jumped by a school that hasn’t played a game because these things are stupid and make no sense at all. The Irish DO have a bye week on October 3, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they do drop.

College football is a strange and extremely weird sport. Add 2020 to the mix and it’s only going to get 1000 times more insane.