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Highlights and post-game press conferences of Notre Dame’s 27-13 win over Duke

The after glow of an ACC win

Notre Dame VS Duke
Notre Dame VS Duke
Courtesy ACC Media

Brian Kelly took a lot of offense when it was suggested that the Notre Dame Fighting Irish started off slowly against the Duke Blue Devils. When NBC asked Kelly about it right after the game, he said this is what he expected because of no spring football and the different things they had to do because of covid-19. When asked a similar question question in the post game press conference, he seemed much more offended.

I’m almost positive Kelly was frustrated with a lot of what went on out on the field, and his explanation makes good sense. Still, it’s only human nature to be a little annoyed by answering the same question to a thing that wasn’t so great.

To be perfectly honest, this entire setup is less than ideal. The media is forced to submit questions via Zoom and Notre Dame picks which of those they will answer — and we only get about 15 minutes. Outside of the questions Notre Dame completely passes on, there is a very noticeable lack of follow-up questions. Unless things change drastically in this regard (and there is no sign that it will change at all) coverage of Notre Dame football this season is really going to be less than ideal — and worse — lacking a lot of context.


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