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Notre Dame football announces home kickoff times for the 2020 season

And a new network... very patriotic

Via Brendan McAlinden @verypiratey

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish have a much different schedule this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, and that means there will be changes to how the home games will be broadcasted. On Tuesday, the Irish went public with the kickoff times AND channel.

That’s right — for the first time ever, Notre Dame football will be on the USA Network when the Irish take on the South Florida Bulls (because let’s make sure to make THAT game weird). USA is owned by NBC, and the same people (we think) that cover the game for NBC will cover it as well for USA.

The 2:30 games are the Duke Blue Devils, USF Bulls, and Louisville Cardinals. The 7:30 games are the Clemson Tigers and Florida State Seminoles. The game against the Syracuse Orange is still TBA, but seeing as how that’s a December 5th game — don’t be surprised if it is ultimately a noon kickoff.

None of Notre Dame’s away games are locked in with kickoff times as of yet.