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Hello One Foot Down! Football Analytics Writers Introduction

New people are here

Hello OFD Readers! Our names are Cooper Klaus and Jack Concannon and we are excited to be joining One Foot Down as contributors! We will be producing analytics-driven content focusing on the Notre Dame Football Team.

I (Cooper) am a ‘19 Notre Dame grad currently working in Chicago as a Financial Analyst. During my Junior and Senior years (2017-19) I worked with the Irish Hockey Team and was responsible for all of their analytics. Working closely with the coaching staff, my team and I primarily assisted with lineup decisions and helped identify optimal Forward Lines, Defensive Pairings, and Special Teams Units. I also worked part-time for Pro Football Focus during the 2018 season.

I (Jack) am a ‘20 Notre Dame grad and will be working at a sports agency in New York beginning in January. In the meantime, I started an analytics twitter page with Cooper as a hobby which led to us receiving this opportunity. Cooper and I met while working together on the hockey analytics team he mentioned. He was in charge then (and far more productive than I was while in school) but we shared the same passion for analytics that we are striving to turn into great content for you all on this page!

We hope to give you all a different perspective on Notre Dame Football and have some interesting pieces planned for the future.

Give us a follow on Twitter, our handles are:




Thanks everyone and GO IRISH!