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Notre Dame Football: A closer look at fall practice for the Irish PART 3

Back in action

jayson ademilola notre dame football
Jayson Ademilola
Courtesy Notre Dame Athletics

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish have started their fall camp practice to prepare for the 2020 football season. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, normal media coverage has pretty much been scrapped by Notre Dame. Only bits and pieces have been fed to us, so let’s take a quick look at what they put in my inbox this morning.


Notre Dame sent us about 30 seconds worth of clips that I put together. There’s not a whole lot of meat on this bone:

  • George Takacs runs an undefended route and catches the ball.
  • Kurt Hinish gets some sled work in.
  • Jayson Ademilola getting off the snap with a rip.
  • Kyren Williams takes an inside handoff against no one and runs on the left side.
  • Liam Eichenberg gets set, and fires off the snap.

And that’s what we get.

None of the videos over the past few weeks have shown Braden Lenzy or Kyle Hamilton. Hopefully this week we will get to speak (or faceless Zoom) with Brian Kelly.

janathan doerer notre dame football
Jonathan Doerer
Courtesy Notre Dame Athletics