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Notre Dame Football: Spontaneous Hot Takes Duo

Two Hot Takes Because....Why Not?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 30 Notre Dame at Stanford Photo by Cody Glenn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

2 Hot Takes, Because Why Not?

With all of the uncertainty surround the Notre Dame Fighting Irish season, I figured we might as well start with some hot takes because, Why Not? Now, I am not making hot takes about the season, amount of games, etc because I have no clue about what will happen and don’t pretend to know. Instead, I am writing these with the assumption that the season happens as currently scheduled. As a reminder to everyone, a HOT take is something that isn’t easy to predict and will let you say, “called it!” to anyone who will listen.

Hot Takes

The third play of the season is a long touchdown to Braden Lenzy

Boston College v Notre Dame Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Why third you ask? When The Irish face off against the Duke Blue Devils, Duke will most likely come out in a conservative defensive set with the amount of speed the Irish will put on the field. This will limit the first couple plays as they will have safeties over the top. I think Notre Dame starts out with a quick throw and a run off tackle and pick up some solid yards. On the third play, they will unleash Lenzy. If Duke tries to tighten up, it will be Lenzy over the top. If they still sit back in a deeper zone, look for Lenzy on either a smoke screen or a jet sweep. I am very high on him and the Irish need to get him the ball at least 5 times a game. Also, FOR THE RECORD, I LOVE THAT HE IS ROCKING #0. It is different and weird, but he will establish that as a speed number. PS in case you forgot, he is very good.

Kyren Williams has 20+ catches on the year

I was extremely high on Williams last year after seeing his power and vision during the Spring. There were also high praises coming out of camp that he was going to be a rotational player in the offense, but that was quickly put to rest. He dropped a pass against Louisville and we didn’t really hear from him again. Enter 2020. Again there have been some early rumblings about Williams, and I am buying in on the hype again. However, compared to last year, he has much more experience and a full year and a half with Balis (he was an early enrollee). Honestly, he looks rocked up and ready to be a key part of the offense. I think we will see him in a lot of 2 back sets hoping to get him matched up with a linebacker. Offensive Coordinate Tom(my) Rees will look to take advantage of those matchups and get Williams the ball quickly. He was a prolific pass catcher in high school, and will look to find that niche in the offense to carve out a prominent role.

PS check the ball skills.