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The Triple Option: Academics are still really important for Notre Dame Football

Some fun things to know about the Irish today

North Carolina State v Notre Dame Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

It’s time for a break from any doom and gloom, coronavirus, Jim Harbaugh / Dabo Swinney quotes, and everything else that puts a frown on fans of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. We will almost assuredly have even more craziness as the week goes on — but here are some things to not make your blood boil.



I’m not sure if Jude already has him on the list, but this bit of news got lost in the shuffle for me... Josh Adams has his Notre Dame degree. Congratulations to him and we wish him the best luck for his future.


We mentioned this in the OFD Podcast, but it deserves another mention. Running back Mick Assaf is turning down a 5th year at Notre Dame to pursue his professional goals. The main goal right now is to continue to grow and develop his company Yoke Gaming. Good luck Mick!


Sometimes you forget how human these college football coaches really are, and then you read an answer to a very softball question. Brian Kelly handled quarantine in a proper manner (and we wait for the first in game mistake so someone can dig this up for an awful take/tweet).


Friend of the Pod and Kyle Hamilton superfan Greg Flammang is celebrating his anniversary this week. Remember... this is still college football and the most important things in your life should be the people in your life.


Here’s a fun example how a quote gets altered here and there as time passes. It happens to a lot of them — even this one from former Notre Dame head coach Ara Parseghian.