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How Notre Dame’s football rivals are ranked according to the fans

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dexter williams notre dame football Mike Miller/One Foot Down

Very early in our rivalry debate about the Notre Dame Fighting Irish it was quite clear that there were many MANY opinions out there. While I strongly voiced my thoughts and reasons, I also recognized that this whole debate comes down to personal choice for any slot not named #1 Rival the USC Trojans.

I put out a very unscientific set of polls to provide a fan ranking, and OFD commenter mmurph28 gave it a much more scientific polish.

Here’s the rivalry poll excel document if you want to mess with it.

The second part below was an attempt to restrict points by requiring a 5% share. The idea was to remove any effect of troll votes (such as USC as our # 8 or BC as #1...) It honestly didn’t change much, but I didn’t update it with the final data.

The Navy apologists obviously put the bat/goat signal out on the interwebs.

As a refresher, this exercise gave free reign as to how these teams were ranked. Personally, I’m not sure how we can look at a team as being a rival of such stature as #2 when the Irish are scheduled to play the Michigan Wolverines again until 2033 (Brendan’s unborn child will have just become a teenager).

But it is what it is. Thanks for your participation, and thanks to mmurph28 for tallying up all the info.

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