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OFD Podcast: Notre Dame Rivalries, Recruiting, and the Land of Make Believe

Not exactly all 3 at once, but kind of all 3 at once

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ofd podcast Brendan McAlinden

Joshua, Jude, and Brendan celebrate their post 4th of July dad duties with another podcast episode about the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football program. It’s STILL rivalry week on SB Nation, so we definitely get into some of that. In this episode:

  • The perfect Red Bull.
  • Jude’s Addiction has become a problem to his wife, but perfect for all of us.
  • The commitment of Joe Alt.
  • Comparing Mack Brown’s situation with the North Carolina Tar Heels to Brian Kelly’s at Notre Dame is asinine and we go in depth about it all.
  • Some favorite rivalry moments with the USC Trojans (sort of).
  • Are the 2012 and 2018 wins against USC overrated?
  • Rivalry Trophy talk on steroids.
  • Make a new rivalry for Notre Dame with hardware.
  • We get cute with other college football rivalries.
  • We give Jude the greenlight for another podcast and declare the OFD Podcast as officially a Cincinnati adjacent podcast and a Last Kingdom Podcast (because this is what happens now).
  • Wear a mask.

And plenty more weaved in and out of the show.

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