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Notre Dame Football: This entire Phil Jurkovec thing is just the dumbest

Let him play

Bowling Green v Notre Dame Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Back in January, quarterback Phil Jurkovec decided to transfer from the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. It was just a couple of weeks after Ian Book announced that he was returning to Notre Dame for his fifth year, and the message was pretty clear — Phil wanted to play right away and wasn’t going to be able to beat out a 2 year returning starter.

It happens. Guys — especially quarterbacks — want to play right away. The problem for Jurkovec was not only was he going to have to play behind Book for another year, there was no guarantee he would ever be the starter in South Bend. He simply wasn’t developing regardless if that was his fault or the coaching staff’s fault. So, he packed his bags and transferred to play for the Boston College Eagles. See ya in 2022 inside Notre Dame Stadium Phil.

And then the coronavirus thing happened and all of a sudden Notre Dame is an ACC member for 2020 and BC is on the schedule. Throughout that time, BC and Jurkovec have been waiting on a waiver request to let him be immediately eligible to play. Five years ago this would have been laughable, but given the NCAA’s recent history with letting quarterbacks play right away, it seemed like it would all work out for Phil and BC.

Except it didn’t. For whatever reason, the NCAA hasn’t given an answer on the matter and despite NO serious report that ever stated that Notre Dame was an impediment for Jurkovec’s eligibility request, it took less than 24 hours for all of this to become Brian Kelly’s fault now that Notre Dame is on the schedule. It’s like the NCAA knew Notre Dame was going to join the ACC and have BC on the schedule this year and wanted no part in pissing off Brian Kelly.


Yes — anyone who believes that scenario has shit for brains.

For the record, I fully believe the NCAA should grant Jurkovec the waiver request. It’s a matter of fairness, and the baffling buffoons in Indianapolis have already made enough precedents over the years to make this a no-brainer.

But imagining Notre Dame and Brian Kelly give even one single fuck over the situation is just whiny bullshit. This ain’t ND’s problem — lawyer up and figure it out.

It’s a ridiculously dumb situation but instead of rightfully directing all pressure at the NCAA for their bullshit, BC fans have devolved into an Alex Jones conspiracy world. Sweet.