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The Triple Option: What is your favorite Notre Dame football recruiting class in the Rivals era?

4 things you need to know today

South Florida v Notre Dame michael floyd

It’s the day before the Fourth of July and I have no idea if the Notre Dame Fighting Irish will actually have a college football season. It’s looking bleaker and bleaker across the country. Be optimistic — but you should also be realistic.

Booze usually helps here. Onwards...


Lou Somogyi put together the best Notre Dame football recruiting classes of the Rivals era which dates back to 2002. I’m somewhat confident that most of you know which classes were ranked the highest — but which one was your favorite in hindsight? Was there a class that stood out in performance? Maybe a particular class surprised you while another one (or two) disappointed you. Which one do you give the trophy to when it’s all said and done?


The Athletic put together its most dominant teams of the last 50 years list, and the Irish did not finish in the top 10. Notre Dame won 6 national championships during those 50 years (1970-2019) and still rated less than 10 teams. Okay.


If you haven’t heard, ESPN is planning on doing a special about the catfishing hoax that made Manti Te’o a victim during his historic 2012 season. It was a season in which he became the most highly decorated defensive player in college football history, a 2nd place finish for the Heisman AS A LINEBACKER, and a run at the National Championship that ended as brutally as the hoax itself. We are promised some new information in the story, but honestly... get the pitchforks ready.


Many fans are lamenting for Chip Long right now because of some recruiting woes during a worldwide pandemic. I offer this simple chart of how Notre Dame did on 3rd and short over the last 2 seasons that reinforces my “peace see ya later” attitude about Chippper — besides the whole being a jerk thing to everyone at the Gug.