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OFD Podcast: Hatin’ Ass Ryan Nanni talks Notre Dame football

The celebrity hot tub was almost too hot

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ofd podcast Brendan McAlinden

Josh and Brendan disrobed and stepped into a @celebrityhottub with Banner Society’s Ryan Nanni. In this episode:

  • Ryan talks about the Notre Dame Fighting Irish hate, and explains why they haven’t been annoying enough to the college football universe.
  • Dealing with ND in the college football playoff.
  • The U and their bullshit.
  • Going into a coma in 2003 and waking up in 2020.
  • PJ Fleck and his “greatness”.
  • Michigan’s clown, Jim Harbaugh.
  • Notre Dame as a villain - can they get there?
  • Be more like Steve Spurrier, except Indiana isn’t Florida.
  • The missed opportunity of no Notre Dame vs Alabama in 2020.
  • Settling on “Tommy”.
  • The biggest Stanford Cardinal fan on the internet... well it’s over.
  • Will there be a fall football season? Sure.
  • The best appetizer for the table and the best appetizer for yourself.
  • Jack Swarbrick made some comments.
  • The disrespect of Kyle Hamilton.
  • Insert other safety... licking their chops.
  • Still defending Donte Vaughn.
  • Lance Taylor and the propaganda for the T-Formation.

And plenty more weaved in and out of the show.

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You can listen to the show in the player below, on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast, or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

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