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Answers to the Facts That May Only Interest Tom Hammond Quiz

How did you do?!

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Did you take my quiz celebrating the immaterial and arcane factoids about Notre Dame FightIng Irish?

I want to congratulate the winner, jchiafair, who got 10 out of 20 questions correct. I will be reaching out to them to find out which T-shirt they’d like from the South Bend Collection at Breaking T.

Here are the questions and their answers:

1) How much did it cost for tuition, room and board at Notre Dame in 1844?

Most popular answer: $104.50
Correct answer: $165

2) Between 1930 and 1940, the Irish played 47 games at the new Notre Dame Stadium. How many of these were sellouts?

Most popular answer: 0
Correct answer: 4

3) What did it cost a Notre Dame student to attend the 1946 season opener at the University of Illinois?

Most popular answer: $4.50 ($2.50 for the train; $2 for game ticket)
Correct answer: $9 ($6 for train; $3 for game ticket)

4) How many towers like Flanner and Grace did Notre Dame initially plan to build?

Most popular answer: 4
Correct answer: 5

5) With former Notre Dame tackle Ziggy Czarobski’s aid, the Maryville Academy Chuckwagon raised how much in its first year in 1971?

Most popular answer: $7,600
Correct answer: $26,000

6) How many former Notre Dame players appeared in Super Bowls in the 1970s?

Most popular answer and correct answer: 6

7) What was the first Notre Dame home game to be played under the Musco portable lights and broadcast on ESPN?

Most popular answer: 1982 vs. Michigan
Correct answer: 1984 vs. Miami

8) As of 1985, what was the average depth of St. Mary’s Lake?

Most popular answer: 10 feet
Correct answer: 22 feet

9) Which Irish defensive player missed his first game since second grade Pop Warner when he suffered a hamstring injury in 1986?

Most popular answer: LB Mike Kovaleski
Correct answer: LT Robert Banks

10) The 1986 Notre Dame-Navy game aired on what television station?

Most popular answer: CBS
Correct answer: TBS

11) Inspired by Andy Heck’s banquet night outburst, which former Irish player got a leprechaun and “1988 National Champions” inked on his thigh at a biker tattoo shop in New Jersey?

Most popular answer: Ned Bolcar
Correct answer: Pete Graham

12) Which Notre Dame player once won a Jim McMahon “look-a-like” contest at a South Bend nightclub?

Most popular answer: Steve Beuerlein
Correct answer: John Carney

13) Notre Dame had 16,300 seats to give to contributing alumni for the 1991 USC home game. How many tickets were requested by that group?

Most popular answer: 47,954
Correct answer: 41,954

14) Nick Setta rushed for a touchdown against Boston College in 2000, and became the first Irish kicker to record the PAT after his own TD since...

Most popular answer and correct answer: 1962

15) What did Notre Dame pay Tyrone Willingham in total compensation (including benefits)?

Most popular answer: $11,071,375
Correct answer: $10,171,375

16) What was Tom Zbikowski’s dream golf foursome, as of 2005?

Most popular answer: Phil Mickelson, Mark Buehrle &E.J. Zbikowski
Correct answer: “Marvelous” Marvin Hagler,Walter Payton & Jim McMahon

17) What song was sophomore linebacker Brian Smith embarrassed to admit he loved in 2008?

Most popular answer: Fergie - “Big Girls Don’t Cry”
Correct answer: Natasha Bedingfield - “These Words”

18) In the Brian Kelly era, what is Notre Dame’s record in games in which the temperature at kickoff was 40 or fewer degrees?

Most popular answer: 8-0
Correct answer: 8-2

19) What is Notre Dame’s record since January 1, 1995 when wearing predominantly green jerseys?

Most popular answer: 4-6
Correct answer: 6-5

20) Which coach most recently passed the Brimley/”Cocoon” line?

Most popular answer: Mike Elston
Correct answer: John McNulty

Thanks for everyone who participated!