Football Scholarships - How Do They Work?

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Haven't seen it mentioned it much, but given the increasing possibility (nearing probability) of a cancelled season, what happens to scholarships - mostly current seniors, 5th years, and the odd 6th year?

Does the NCAA allow auto extensions on their eligibility?

  • Do those who would be this season's 5th years automatically get 6th years?
  • Do you let seniors automatically get 5th years regardless of graduate studies.
  • Does someone like Crawford get a 7th year?

What do you do with team scholarship limits, push them up by the average class size of 21 (85/4)? How do you re-normalize after that? Do you go through a gradual descent back to last year's normal?

  • Class of 2022:106
  • Class of 2023: 99
  • Class of 2024: 90
  • Class of 2025: Back to 85, a hard snap back after a year would be pretty disrupting

Or give up the ghost and leave the new levels alone and go back to the good old days of no cap? Not a good thought as Bama, OSU, and Clemson would likely continue to be the lords of CFB with their thrones damn near unassailable if they can hoover up all the talent without limit.

Or hold fast with no allow extensions beyond those in the rule books and shuffle the seniors (5th/6th years) them off to the NFL draft without senior year film and let the NFL deal with the boom/bust risk there.

Do you restrict juniors who only had sophomore film or allow them to go as they will? Caveat Emptor on both sides of the draft equation. Do underclassmen get to come back like the NBA does if they go undrafted?

Just some sad thoughts as I get used to the idea that this season will likely not happen.

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