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The Triple Option: Can Notre Dame get Deion Colzie to re-commit in the 2021 class?

4 things you need to know today

It was a HOT FIRE weekend for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish with the commitment of Ryan Barnes, and I’ll have a little more recruiting stuff up on the site this week — but let’s get right to the Triple Option.


Former Irish wide receiver commit Deion Colzie released a top 10 list the other day, and Notre Dame was listed. The one-time Irish pledge stated that he made a decision too soon when he left the class this winter, but Notre Dame is still very much after this incredible talent from Athens, Georgia. Tom Loy has a free update:


The guys over at 18 Stripes have put together a scientific approach to ranking Notre Dame’s wins under Brian Kelly. This installment includes wins #68-#92.


There’s a new law with the IRS that will affect Notre Dame and any coach there that makes over a million dollars. It’s not just Notre Dame — every private school that fits this criteria will be affected as well (like the Duke Blue Devils and Stanford Cardinal). Quite simply... if you’re wanting a BIG NAME college football coach after Kelly retires, this will make that harder (I think).


If you have enjoyed the Notre Dame game watches on Friday nights, they are about to make a change. This week, for example, will be the 2011 game against the Michigan State Spartans and it will be shown on Thursday.