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Notre Dame football has 1 athlete test positive for COVID-19

4 others with anti-bodies

Temple v Notre Dame

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish released the results on Monday from their initial coronavirus testing.

This appears to be really good news for the Notre Dame football team moving forward, but that doesn’t exactly mean everything is going to be just fine.

Over the past week we have seen schools like the Texas Longhorns and Clemson Tigers report a significant amount of positive cases from their testing. We’ve also seen players from the UCLA Bruins demand more medical help for the 2020 season.

The Irish are starting their voluntary workout sessions, so with their new results, the hope is that they should be fine as we approach the August 10th date when Notre Dame begins its fall semester. There is no doubt that things will get trickier on campus as the student body returns — and even more so for “Big State U’s” all over the country.

We are all planning to have a college football season, but if positive results start to spike all over the country, this year may still be very much in doubt.