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The Triple Option: Taking issue with the fastest Notre Dame football player list

4 things you need to know today

Stanford v Notre Dame

I took a day off from the Triple Option for mental maintenance, as the news surrounding the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football program felt fairly light. It’s June and no one really knows how any of this (college football season) is going to unfold. Coronavirus spikes are happening in several states — but I’ll throw that cold water on you later.



Tom Loy at Irish Illustrated published a story about Notre Dame’s fastest players for 2020. This list wasn’t from a race result, or even Tom’s opinion — he got it from a source at Notre Dame. Out of 5 players, incoming freshman running back Chris Tyree came in at #5. He was fifth — the guy who was the fastest player in high school football for the past two years.

Honestly — if true — that is great news for Notre Dame’s overall team speed, but I just don’t buy it. We’re going to need some video evidence.


There are some unsettled position battles for fall camp, and without the aid of spring ball to help position the race.

Here are the positions with the most to sort out when fall camp starts.

Posted by - Notre Dame Fighting Irish on Rivals on Thursday, June 18, 2020


ESPN listed the most exciting player from each top 25 team — the one with the most juice. Kyle Hamilton was the choice for Notre Dame. Hamilton was one of only 5 defensive players on the list. I wonder if Braden Lenzy will have anything to say about this?


If you think we are all on cruise control for a college football season just because there are plans in place... well we might be a bit too optimistic about it all (or naive).