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Name this incredible piece of Notre Dame art and help Holtz’s Heroes Foundation

Reggie Brooks is counting on you

Kathleen Keifer @kathleenkeiferartist

Hey all you die-hard Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans! Kathleen Keifer, a wonderfully talented artist and Notre Dame alum (I adore her) is holding a contest to help benefit the Holtz’s Heroes Foundation.

Contest! So one of my favorite collectors, Peter Trematerra , asked me a classic question: What is both the most clutch and most forgotten catch in Notre Dame history? Peter’s answer is Reggie Brook’s Snow Bowl grab. With 25 seconds left, ND is trailing Penn State 16-9, when Rick Mirer connects with Jerome Bettis in the end zone to pull within one point. That’s the catch everyone remembers. So Lou Holtz goes for the win: Reggie Brooks, who is a decoy in this play, and only caught one pass the entire year, pulls down Mirer’s pass in the end zone for the win!

Contest: come up with a title for this painting. Reggie Brooks will be the judge. I’ll announce winner Friday at 5:00 pm California time. Winner receives a print of this painting! And if you don’t win, you can purchase a signed print off my website for $300. Reggie Brooks is the new executive director of Holtz’s Heroes Foundation, which is where I will donate $100 of every print sold.

Sounds pretty “cool” to me. (Yes that was a terrible attempt at a Snow Bowl pun — I probably won’t be winning this contest).

You can submit your entries on her Instagram post above or on her Facebook page HERE.

To check out all of Kathleen’s gorgeous Notre Dame art that she has available, just CLICK ON THIS LINK.

You can learn more more about the Holtz’s Heroes Foundation HERE.