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The Triple Option: Once again, Notre Dame makes the Blue-Chip Ratio list

4 things you need to know about the Irish, today

All-American Bowl Photo by Logan Riely/Getty Images

The Friday Triple-Option just hits different now that there are “plans” in place for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the college football season.



Bud Elliott took his Blue-Chip Ratio project with him when he left SBN for 247. If you’re unfamiliar with it, the BCR is the amount of 4-Star and 5-Star players that a team has signed over the past 4 cycles. It does NOT include transfers or walk-ons.

There’s no getting around the importance of recruiting, and no matter how many words are minced when it comes to the “upside” or “potential” of a 3-Star recruit, the teams with the highest BCR percentage are the teams that are competing AND winning national championships year in and year out.

Currently the Irish are at 56% and ranked #12. It’s a solid position — until you see schools like the Ohio State Buckeyes (80%) and the Alabama Crimson Tide (83%).


ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg put together his list of college football coaching tiers, and he does not consider the head coaching position for Notre Dame football to be in that top group.

“Kelly is showing Notre Dame can contend for national titles, although there’s clearly a step left to take,” Rittenberg wrote. “A new indoor practice facility helps and financial resources typically aren’t lacking. Notre Dame still has national recruiting reach, but some coaches question the school’s overall commitment to winning big.”


Brett McMurphy (known apologist for the Iowa St. Cyclones) along with Jeff Goodman at Stadium graded out the ACC Athletic Directors. Savvy Jack with one move took the cake.


Someone took a moment to rank all the teams that have been to the college football playoff. Does this look right — or do you have a different set of rankings?