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The Triple Option: Talking about race and Notre Dame football is necessary

3 things you need to know today

Purdue v Notre Dame Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

I think everyone is pretty well caught up with all the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football news out there, so I have a golden opportunity here to continue the discussion of race. Personally, I’m all ears at this point because I think listening is far more effective than “talking it out.”

So, today’s triple option is going to take a look at several stories concerning race and Notre Dame. Take a moment to listen, read, and reflect — and then do something if you can.

Let’s go!


The Pod of Gold had former Notre Dame defensive lineman Ian Williams on the show. Williams talks about his time at Notre Dame and admits that he let some things slide while he was there rather than speaking up.


This is a short story from Wayne Edmonds — the first African-American to earn a monogram from playing football at Notre Dame.


It was mentioned yesterday with Brian Kelly’s presser, but it’s worth noting one more time that Notre Dame football has created a “Unity Council” to help with matters involving race relations within the program. Kelly said the council will be a cross section of players and support staff (which includes women).