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College Football: Notre Dame and Wisconsin might not play at Lambeau Field in 2020

A possible 7th home game for Notre Dame

notre dame stadium at night Mike Miller/One Foot Down

On October 3rd, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are scheduled to play the Wisconsin Badgers at Lambeau Filed — the home of the Green Bay Packers. It’s a Shamrock Series matchup and with that, the Irish are the designated home team which means an NBC broadcast (7:30 kickoff). As part of the deal, in 2021 the Irish were to take on the Badgers at Soldier Field — the home of the Chicago Bears.

Things might be changing for 2020, which could also mean a change for 2021.

According to Tim O’Malley on the latest Irish Illustrated Insider podcast:

“We heard from a couple sources — this is bearer of bad news — but, uhh, Lambeau Field probably won’t be happening either.”

O’Malley was talking about the trip only (about 11:57 into the episode). The game, is still very much in play and could then be held inside Notre Dame Stadium. That would then likely mean that the Irish will travel to Camp Randall Stadium to play Wisconsin in 2021.

As Tim was sure to say as well... nothing as of yet is official.

While the circumstances surrounding all of this are terrible, personally I would be thrilled if they make this move. I have long be an opponent of the Shamrock Series concept — as well as any neutral site game played in the regular season. This would be, however, a massive blow to a lot of Irish fans (and media) if this game does get moved. Lambeau is a bucket list destination for many, and it’s a gimmick that a lot of Irish fans love.

Any move would have to be given a green light by Wisconsin as the contact has very clear and specific language.

A lot of the offseason discussion has been about Notre Dame VS the Navy Midshipmen in Dublin, Ireland and if that would take place, and this game against the Badgers has received far less talk in terms of movement. I suppose many of us have felt that if the NFL is playing ball, their facilities would be able to handle the coronavirus process that needs to take place. While this is likely true, there is something to be said about being able to control things in your own home rather than a rented space. The Shamrock Series lacks much of the reasoning involved in its existence if Notre Dame is unable to do the celebrations and events surrounding the game.