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Thought Experiment: Do You Want to Go To Notre Dame Football Games This Season?

Minimal fans, Tailgating, Concessions etc?

Father Jenkins

Father Jenkins came out with an editorial in the NYT that showed a lot of optimism about the opening of college football. However, he noted, “Fans in the stadium, however, are a different matter. Fighting Irish fans regularly fill Notre Dame Stadium’s 80,000 seats. I see no way currently to allow spectators unless we restrict admissions so that physical distancing is possible.”

This is pretty much saying that there will be minimal fans, tailgating, and an overall environment that is like nothing Notre Dame Fighting Irish football Saturdays have ever seen. Do I think this is the right thing to say.....absofreakinglutely. All I want is college football and I do not care if there are fans. It will be different, but my mantra in life has and will always be Football > Not Football (put it on my tombstone). This season should be about doing everything to make football happen safely for both players, staff, and students of the University.

Thought Experiment

TripAdvisor (lol)

Now let’s say that there are, “some” fans who are able to attend (outside of students). You are spattered throughout the quieter stadium and will undoubtedly have a unique experience. Granted, you will probably have a row to yourself and would have pretty solid seats. Regardless, the experience will be very different than any other game (including Spring) that you have been to. Is this something that you want or care to be a part of? I wanted to jot down a few Pros and Cons (though there are many many more).


  • Spacious Seating
  • Coach Kelly might finally hear your scream of, “RUN THE DAMN BALL”
  • No Bathroom lines
  • Ability to be on T.V. as one of the few fans
  • Not a lot of traffic (easy in/out of ND)
  • Campus is calm, Grotto isn’t packed


  • Quiet Stadium/weird vibe
  • Tailgating/Pregame rituals are thrown out the window
  • You’re not on a couch watching multiple games
  • You get on TV and do something embarrassing and then become a meme
  • ND loses and the environment is empty, and even more sad than normal
  • No Backer after the game?

Your Response


If there are very limited fans, do you want to go to ND games this year?

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  • 67%
    (421 votes)
  • 32%
    (200 votes)
621 votes total Vote Now


I feel like Notre Dame fans as a whole may have a wide variety of opinions on this matter, and I want to hear them. Vote in the poll and leave your thoughts in the comments below, and as always, GO IRISH.