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OFF THE RAILS PODCAST: Notre Dame football recruiting in the time of the coronavirus

It’s a little different than normal — so not normal

Blake Fisher and Brian Kelly
Twitter @bfisher54_

In this OFF THE RAILS episode, I talk about the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football recruiting effort - and specifically during the time of the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Is there a local base to lean on?
  • Thoughts on Will Shipley and running back recruiting in general
  • Is this going to get better?
  • Why does recruiting seem so bleak right now?
  • Brian Kelly’s definition of “process” VS a recruit’s definition of “process”
  • Taking a phone call

There are plenty of unknowns going on inside the sports world, and recruiting is no different. Keep in mind that there are still too many of these unknowns to really put a solid finger on what’s happening.

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