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OFD BOOKCAST: Notre Dame’s Frank Leahy was a crazy genius

He was also THE MAN

Football unbeaten coach Leahy, guided te Photo by Mark Kauffman/The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images

The OFD Bookcast returns as we get deeper into Notre Dame’s Greatest Coaches by Stephen Singular and Moose Krause. In this episode I discuss the next three chapters of the book which include:

  • Frank Leahy becoming the head coach of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  • Frank’s coaching style — a bit medieval
  • Changing greatness for MORE greatness
  • Moose’s role in the Leahy regime
  • Why Frank is THE MAN
  • My bad attempt at an Irish brogue
  • Fear and respect, and the obsessiveness to winning
  • Straight up brawls
  • The 1992 loss to the Stanford Cardinal and Moose’s response

And a little bit more weaved in and out. After recording, I really feel like I fell short of explaining the brilliant madness of Frank Leahy — which in the 1940’s would have meant that Moose would be allowed to just hit me over and over again for like an hour. So... be sure to read the book.

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